Why Hire an Architect?

Hire an architect

why_hire_an_architect.pngWhether you are remodeling your kitchen, creating your dream home, or planning a commercial building, working with an architect can save you time and money, and create a better home or office you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Why hire an architect?

They will listen to you
As collaborative, approachable partners, architects will listen to your concerns and requests throughout every design process.

They design solutions
An architect’s education and experience allows him or her to not only solve problems but avoid them.

They transform communities
An architect’s work turns a place into a community. They look beyond the blueprints and buildings and seek to improve the lives of people in a community.

They strengthen society
Architects help to make our communities safer, healthier and more livable. They guide collective vi-sions and help transform lives.

What can an architect do for me?

In a recent survey*, homeowners look to architects to...

  • Deliver a quality result
  • Understand and comply with building codes
  • Integrate the homeowner’s design/style

Aside from design services and documentation, architects can also provide:

  • Construction management
  • Zoning process assistance
  • Site analysis and selection
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Furniture and equipment installation
  • Testing and inspection
  • Full-time, on-site project management

Do I need to renovate?

Probably. For every 10 single-family homes, nine are at least 15 years old.* The chances are high that it’s time for an updated kitchen or an addition to your home.

How much will it cost?

Home renovation costs can vary given the size and scope of the project. Discuss with your architect how to work within your budget to provide you the best possible solution and design for your project.

How to find an architect

One of the best ways to find the architect that’s right for you begins with finding homes or buildings you admire. Then, ask the owner who designed them.

More than 8 million photos and thousands of architects are at your fingertips on AIA National’s account via Houzz.com. Scan for inspiration and click to save your favorites in your online idea portfolio.

* Source: Houzz & Home, 2016. Overview of U.S. Renovation in 2015