Continuing Education Requirements From AIA and SDBTP

Published: Sep 04th, 2012

SD Board of Technical Professions (per Mark Humphries on 12/1/2011)
Significant changes in rules (ARSD 20:38), to take effect July 1, 2012 (if passed by Legislature):

  1. Interns will now be able to concurrently take exams and complete IDP.
  2. Required hours will change to option of using existing system (30 hrs in 24 mos) or new system (12 hrs at any time in calendar year)

Current system: 30hrs/24 mos. Up to 10 hours can be "non-technical" HSW="Technical" 20  HSW, 10 CEU/PDH

New system: choose old system OR: 12 hours HSW/PDH at any time in calendar year nontechnical hours do not count goes into effect July 1, 2012.

American Institute of Architects (per 12/9/2011 memo)

Board of Directors approved changes to calendar year continuing education requirement,
effective Jan. 1, 2012:

  1. 18-hour annual continuing education requirement 12 LU must address health, safety, and welfare (HSW) of which 4 LU must address sustainable design (SD)
  2. Required to complete 12 hours of HSW (increased from 8)
  3. Board will reevaluate SD requirement in 2012
  4. Total continuing education hours required during calendar year: 18 
  5. AIA members will no longer be able to self-report HSW or SD courses for credit (must take qualified courses from CES providers)
  6. Members can continue to self-report learning unit (LU) hours for non-provider courses and programs