design: South Dakota


What is design:SD?  design:SD helps small towns shape their future by design. The design:SD event utilizes a charrette model to work with small towns throughout South Dakota.  The three day design event can help communities to dream about the future, and recognize how important design is to that future. It can bring people together and energize them toward a shared vision–a better way to see our community.

Design South Dakota has worked with the following communities in South Dakota: Corsica, Sisseton, Deuel County, Hill City, and Huron. You can have a look at the Concept Boards from each community by clicking here

The event.  The three day charrette is made up of three parts: learning studio, design studio, and presentation studio.  The first day is spent learning from local community residents about their dreams and visions for the future.  The design team works with the community members to generate visual solutions during design studio that can be presented on the final day during presentation studio.  

The team. 15+ professionals from all walks of design and community development will set up studio in a community to work on the design:SD team. These volunteers from all over the state of South Dakota care about rural places and the future of our state’s small communities. They will work long and hard together for three days to help small towns think about and design for the future. 

And you. The focus of the three-day event will be ideas from local people. The design:SD team will listen to and interact frequently with local folks during the “charrette.” They will build and illustrate local ideas as they go, and make changes along the way based on local input. 

You can reach the design:SD team by contacting:

Angela Lammers at 605.610.0242 or 

Joe Bartmann at 605.941.2708 or

Visit the design:SD website for more information.


The organizers of the design:SD project are forever grateful to the members of the Minnesota Design Team for their terrific support and encouragement.